Wednesday, February 23, 2011


This isn't a typical Wednesday, as D. is home from school this week, but it's still a Wednesday. I love Wednesdays.

For those who don't keep track of the Fowler Family Calendar (that's anyone who's not me), I work in the office MTThF, during D.'s school hours. This allows me to drop D. off and pick him up from school everyday- a huge blessing in my book. It also lets me work at his school on Wednesdays (his school is parent participation- few hours in the class once a week, drive on 3 field trips a year and have a school job- I am the assistant treasurer, but have also been a field trip coordinator and ran or co-ran the huge school auction for a couple of years).

Though I love my son dearly and am glad I can do all that, the best part about Wednesdays is that I get a couple of hours to do things on my own. It's not anything especially exciting, usually. Typically it's drop off D. and the treasurer's bag at the school, run 3-5 miles with a few friends, get cleaned up and run an errand or two before heading back for my classroom and recess shifts. But for those couple of hours, I am just Emily. Not Mom, not Mrs. B, Not Engineer, just Emily.

Today I was Mom most of the day, but a happy Mom. D. decided to run with me- he ran 2 miles! I got another 2 in, then we played many games of Uno and Clue (tied on Clue games, he stomped me, as usual, at Uno), did some chores/homework, baked some muffins, did a little CSA work, hit the library, had gelato with friends (early b-day celebration for D.), made dinner and then I got a little Emily time at boot camp (I know running and boot camp on the same day is crazy, but there's a big freezing cold storm coming in tomorrow and I didn't want to miss out on my bootie kicking!).

So, busy day...tired, but happy.

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